Twyla M. Marks ​Author

THE UNEXPECTED The Ride Of My Life is one woman’s journey through the highs and lows of marriage and divorce. Twyla takes us on the roller coaster of her life. ​The bumps, jerks, curves, twists, and turns will make you feel almost if you are going to be sick.

Twyla M. Marks ​Author

The good thing about it all is that through her faith in God she and her family were able to survive even the most turbulent of times. This book is not just her life story, it is more than that: it is a survival kit.

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Captivating Read

I chose this rating because when I started to read the book I did not want to put it down. One chapter made me want to read the next. It made me empowered as a woman with kids that even after marriage I could still go on and suceed.

A most worthy read

From the foreword my interest was peaked and I impatiently waited to turn page to page to learn more of the Authors testimony of her life. A well written piece vicariously bringing it’s reader on her ride. In the end as I exited the ride I was feeling euphoric because of her success.

Love, Pain, Restoration

Epic!!! This is one amazing book, and it all started with the cover for me. I’m not a huge roller coaster fan, but I can certainly relate to the layers of emotions that are experienced while riding them. As I begin to turn the pages, I literally felt every climb, drop, twist and turn of the experiences that Ms. Marks endured as she traveled her journey in life from childhood to marriage. Might I add, I read the book in one sitting, it’s that good. If you have experienced divorce, separation, rocky relationships, or maybe you are just starting to date, trust me, this jewel will be a blessing. If I could share one thing, God is faithful! Ms. Marks speaks to the broken heart, and gives us a reminder; we are never the only one dealing with struggles in life, but faith can restore us in due time!

International Review

It was like I had had enough and life couldn't throw anymore at me, yet it did.

THE UNEXPECTED The Ride Of My Life is the true story of the author Twyla Marks' unhealthy marriage and how she rose from the ashes after the divorce.
We also get a glimpse into her childhood and how, even as a child she had to struggle to be happy because of the decisions made for her, whether they were with
good intentions or not.

Not to forget how her own children coped with the idea of their parents seperated and what it was like to go through the divorce as well as a difficult custody battle.

It's always sad to see children involved in difficult situations like this especially if they're at a very young age because it's difficult
for their minds to comprehend what's going on.

It's a heartfelt look into and the writing style embodies the language of a personal letter or conversation, so it's like she's speaking
directly to us while sharing her story.

A toxic relationship is one of the hardest things for people to talk about, but sharing the story of what it was like and the signs that
were overlooked can help someone else who may be blinded by the fact that their relationship is less than optimal.

This is a short read but empowering for women to show them that marriage may not mean love and finding youself is more important than finding “THE ONE”
~ Melina L.

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